Etext Projects

The following is a comprehensive list of faculty, staff, and student projects completed under the auspices of the University of Virginia Library’s Electronic Text Center.


  • 2004: Latviešu Tautas Dziesmas (Latvian Dainas), Maruta Ray, University of Virginia Department of Germanic Languages and Literature.
  • 2004: The Digital Elvis Project, Doug Grissom. University of Virginia Drama Department.
  • 2003: Absalom, Absalom! Electronic, Interactive! Chronology, Stephen Railton. University of Virginia English Department.
  • 2003: The Winnifred Eaton Digital Archive, Edited & Compiled by Jean Lee Cole, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Loyola College in Maryland
  • 2000: XML support for Whitman: Leaves of Grass multiple editions. Ken Price, University of Nebraska, Lincoln.
  • 2000: William Faulkner’s Turn About: A Critical Edition. Christine Ruotolo, UVA English Dept. and Electronic Text Center. [Restricted]
  • 2000: Oscar Wilde’s Salome: Composition, Production, and the early editions. Katie Bagley, UVA English Dept.
  • 1999: Mark Twain: How the Chimney-Sweep Got the Ear of the Emperor. A Critical Edition with Facsimile
    Edited by Catherine Tousignant, UVA English Dept. and Electronic Text Center
  • 1998: Uncle Tom’s Cabin & American Culture: Stephen Railton. University of Virginia English Department.
  • 1998: The Abraham Cowley Text and Image Archive: Dan Kinney. University of Virginia English Department.
  • 1997: Middlemarch: A Study in Provincial Life: Critical Reception; Publication History; Biography; and Annotated Bibliography. Diana Block, Genevieve Davis, Dorothy Gribbin, Abby Hertzmark, Jennifer Kremer, and Brian Wagner. Department of English.
  • 1997: Shakespearean Prompt-Books of the Seventeenth Century. The Bibliographical Society of Virginia. [see also Publications]
  • 1997: Walt Whitman: Leaves of Grass, The Calamus Revisions. Includes manuscripts, early printed texts, corrected proofs and first editions that pertain to the 1860 “Calamus” cluster of poems. Thomas Lukas, Editor. University of Virginia English Department.
  • 1996: The Coleridge Archive. Compiled by Marjorie A. Tiefert
  • 1996: British Poetry 1780-1910: a Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions Jerome McGann
  • 1996: Harlem: Mecca of the New Negro. A hypermedia edition of the March 1925 Survey Graphic Harlem Number. Matthew G. Kirschenbaum and Catherine D. Tousignant. University of Virginia English Department.
  • 1996: Mark Twain in His Times: Stephen Railton. University of Virginia English Department.
  • 1996: The Ladies: A Journal of the Court, Fashion and Society (1872). A journal offering scientifically precise fashion advice and demanding political rights for women. Virginia H. Cope, University of Virginia English Department.
  • 1995: Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn: Text, Illustrations, and Early Reviews. Virginia H. Cope, University of Virginia English Department.
  • 1995: Rita Dove. “Lady Freedom Among Us.” [Includes text, images, audio, and video.]






History of Medicine



  • 1999 Ovid: Metamorphoses (Latin and English versions, including 395 page images) Dan Kinney
  • 1995: Augustus: Images of Power. Mark Morford. Classics Department.
  • 1995: Boethius: Consolation of Philosophy (Latin and English versions) James O’Donnell



  • 1997: Benedicte Wrensted: An Idaho Photographer in Focus. J. David Sapir, Department of Anthropology.
  • 1995: German Verb Database. Graduate Student project: University of Virginia German Department.

University and Area

  • 1997: The Garnett Room, Alderman Library. Includes digital video and a VRML tour. Matthew G. Kirschenbaum.
  • 1994: The University of Virginia Fifty Years Ago: 1944-1945 Andrea Nagy. English Department.
  • Staunton, Virginia: An on-line Virginia city. [HTML and imaging guidance provided to site co-developer, Clinton Sisson, UVa Special Collections.]
  • 1996 Electronic Theses and Disserations in the Humanities [up to 1999]: A Directory of On-Line References and Resources, Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
  • 1995 The Online Scholarship Initiative. UVA library