The Daily Progress: Historical Headlines

The Daily Progress, October 15, 1912.

The Daily Progress, October 15, 1912, reports on the assassination attempt on Theodore Roosevelt.
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Thanks to the efforts of the Jefferson Madison Regional and UVa Libraries, early issues The Daily Progress, the┬álocal Charlottesville newspaper, were recently digitized. ┬áThese issues are now included in our online collections, covering the years 1893 – 1923. A new Pinterest Board, The Daily Progress: Historical Headlines, highlights the Daily Progress’ reporting of some of the biggest stories of the day.

Issues on Pinterest feature national and world events:

  • the San Francisco earthquake
  • the Monongah Mining Disaster
  • the sinkings of the Titanic and Lusitania
  • World War I
  • and women’s suffrage

as well as local headlines:

  • the first electric streetcar in Charlottesville
  • the opening of the Charlottesville Public Library
  • the dedication of the Lewis and Clark statue (currently on West Main St.)
  • and the hanging of ex-mayor Sam McCue for the murder of his wife.

Click over to Pinterest to view over 30 issues documenting historic events as they unfolded to Charlottesville residents, or stop by Virgo to check out other days in history!