UVa Library Digital Images in the Public Domain

Digital Curation Services has made digital images available to the public from collections such as Rufus A. Holsinger and the University of Virginia Visual History Collection in JPEG format.

These digital images have been customized for various uses:  find images sized for websites, publications, teaching, learning, exhibits, personal/scholarly research and private use.   Use of these images may eliminate having to deal with resizing and cropping.

Image sizes:

  • Small – Ideal for websites – Max Width=640 & Max Height=640 (640 pixels on the long side.)
  • Medium – Ideal for websites & PDF’s – Max Width=800 & Max Height=800 (800 pixels on the long side.)
  • Large – Ideal when one needs a higher quality image.  This size maybe useful for printing or oversize display (displays larger than original size) – Size may vary with a Max Width=1200 & Max Height=1200 (1200 pixels on the long side.  Depends on the dimension of the original size.)
  • Full Size – This image is half the size of the raw image (size is in terms of ppi).  This is an extremely large image and it is not recommended that this be your first choice.  This file size allows users to view detailed information in the images.  It is useful for maps, graphs, and viewing background information such as signs in photographs.  This image size contains a citation and persistent URL’s to the metadata along with our copyright statement.  It is not recommended one download this image for web publications.  It is a useful size for PDF publishing.  This size is better for reading small print such as with newspaper scans.
  • High resolution tiff – Not available through Virgo – these images are useful for high quality print publications, physical exhibits, GIS processing, or to use portions of an image.  The smaller the original, the more useful the tiff image.  Submit a request online at https://tracksys.lib.virginia.edu/ .

SAVE TIME:  save time by embedding the image in your webpage and let us do the hosting.  The UVa Library provides a persistent URL, which is available to agencies such as Digital Public Library of America.  To find the persistent URL, look up the image in Virgo, view the image online, and click on the “Permalink” tab below the title and author listing (in the top section of the page). If you are concerned with archiving of web publications, download the small or medium image.