Adam Newman, student staff, departs for Fulbright scholarship in India

Thanks to a Fulbright scholarship, Adam Newman, PhD candidate in Religious Studies, is leaving the Digital Production Group (DPG) in July for India, his fourth trip to the country as part of his research in Hinduism. He’s been with DPG since August 2014 and brought to the work a special appreciation of the book as a physical object, having studied the subject, along with critical editions and text as historical evidence. He had done some scanning of Tibetan manuscripts in a previous job but more as working copies than for preservation and publication. His work in DPG reinforced for him the value and need for preservation, especially as he thinks about the Indian archives he has visited. There he observed the ephemeral nature of works on palm-leaf, subject to deterioration from humidity and insects. Although not previously interested in photography, he’s now considering the benefits of digital camera equipment for his research. Indeed, his experiences in DPG have led him to consider where Digital Humanities fits with his research and career plans. First, though, he is focused on completing his dissertation, “Regional Identity and Historical Memory in Mewar: A History of Eklingji Temple.”

Congratulations, Adam, on winning a Fulbright. We look forward to seeing you again in DPG on your return from India.