College Topics Rotunda Fire Anniversary

November 4th, 2015

120 years ago today, on November 4th, 1895, the Cavalier Daily (then called College Topics) released a special edition report of the fire that engulfed the Rotunda in the week prior: College Topics Volume VII, Number 4. Today, we’re excited to release the fully-scanned version of the six page report, which includes descriptions of the fall of the annex, endeavors to save the books of the library and the Galt Statue of Thomas Jefferson, and a particularly doomed attempt to stop the flames with dynamite. Read below for those stories and more, or just to enjoy looking at a snapshot of life at the University of Virginia right before the turn of the twentieth century.

The Digital Production Group is currently digitizing a great number of College Topics, so if you enjoy this edition, be sure to check back on the main library website for many others in the future!

Note: the front page of this edition includes two hand-drawn renditions of the ruins. If you’re interested in seeing a colorized photo of the flames, head over to this article from UVA Magazine.

College Topics 1895-11-04 page 1

Page 1

College Topics 1895-11-04 page 2

Page 2

College Topics 1895-11-04 page 3

Page 3

College Topics 1895-11-04 page 4

Page 4

College Topics 1895-11-04 page 5

Page 5

College Topics 1895-11-04 page 6

Page 6


-Robert Rust
Robert is a Student Supervisor at the Digital Production Group