Stephen Crane’s Manuscript: “The Red Badge of Courage, an Episode of the American Civil War”

RedBadgeOfCourage-MSS_000033691Digital Production Group (DPG) recently added Stephen Crane’s hand-written manuscript of “The Red Badge of Courage, an Episode of the American Civil War” ( to the UVa Library’s Digital Library. The manuscript is part of the Clifton Waller Barrett Library, held by the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library at University of Virginia.

A few interesting facts about the manuscript are:

  • It was written on five different kinds of legal-cap paper.
  • Many of the versos contain an early draft.
  • In editing his work for publication as a book Crane eliminated the original chapter 12.
  • Four removed leaves are now scattered among the collections at Butler Library, Columbia University, Houghton Library at Harvard, and the Berg Collection at New York Public Library.

For more on Crane’s manuscript see William Howarth’s 1965 article, the source of the above facts:
Howarth, William L. “The Red Badge of Courage” Manuscript: New Evidence for a Critical Edition, in: Studies in Bibliography, v. 18 (1965), pp. 229-247. (Stable URL for those with rights to access JSTOR: .)


Red Badge of Courage, Cover of First EditionPreviously, DPG digitized two early copies of the published work:

  • A first edition published by Appleton in 1895, (
  • Appleton’s 1896 printing, (