Congratulations to our 2017 graduates

Digital Production Group (DPG) celebrates and thanks our graduating students. This year six experienced students graduate, each of whom made unique contributions to DPG:

  • Carter Bakkum, B.A., Economics / Statistical Analysis of Social Behavior minor
  • Fiorella Barreto, S., Architecture | B.A., Architectural History
  • Jay Epstein, A., Jewish Studies
  • Victor Naturale (Student Supervisor), S., Biology
  • Christine Naulty, B.A., English
  • Emily Umansky, A., Public Policy, English

We asked each to share their plans and to reflect on their experiences working in DPG.

Carter Bakkum

Plans: After family travel to Central and South America, he will continue a long family tradition of camping with his parents at a campsite they’ve enjoyed together for the last 15 years.

In August Carter will join the Berkeley Research Group, an economic litigation consultant firm in Washington, D.C. where he will focus on data analytics.

Take-aways: “Patience and an eye for detail.”

Memorable project: “I had never worked with the Cruse scanner until Jay Epstein went abroad and left me with a huge (~700 image) McGregor atlas. It took me an entire semester to scan all the maps. All the maps were absolutely incredible. I know this because it took 25 minutes to scan each map.”

Fiorella Barreto

Plans: Fiorella will move to New York for a six month internship at an architecture firm.

Take-aways: “I most definitely learned to be detail oriented as well as how to properly use a digital camera (including what the different buttons on the camera actually meant and how it bettered the overall image).”

Memorable project and people: “The first time I actually completed an order. I was originally given a 200+ page manuscript unit as my first project and I remember it took me over a week and numerous rescans to complete it, as I was not only inexperienced but the camera was having various focusing issues. I remember that I though about quitting numerous times but when it was finally done it felt amazing!”

“Adding to that, I think that a memorable person I met at the DPG team was definitely June who was alway super helpful and had a great story to share!”

Jay Epstein

Plans: Jay is exploring opportunities in the Jewish nonprofit community in Washington DC. In the future he intends to go to law school.

Take-away: “Patience and attention to detail go a long way both professionally and in life in general.”

Memorable projects and people: “Scanning a handwritten manuscript of the Red Badge of Courage, handwritten pages by Thomas Jefferson, and William Faulkner’s smoking pipes have been some of the highlights of the job. Beyond having these opportunities, I met some of the kindest people through this job – both the students who I worked alongside as well as the faculty members I worked below. Special thank you to Ophelia, Jocelyn, Patricia, June, Lois, Sam, and Christina for making my time here welcoming and enjoyable.”

Victor Naturale, Student Supervisor

Plans:  Victor has accepted a position in the Stanford University PhD program in Molecular Biology.  While he is interested in an academic or research career, he’s also open to other possibilities.

Take-away: “I would say the biggest take-away from DPG is that it taught me how to really pay attention to detail and communicate effectively to others.”

Memorable project: “A memorable DPG moment was scanning/handling one of the large and colorful McGregor world atlases when I worked full time in Summer 2015.”

Christine Naulty

Plans: Christine hopes to attend graduate school and pursue a Masters degree in Library Sciences and Archival Studies.

Take-away: “I have discovered a personal interest in practices and applications of digital libraries and curation, and working here has changed my career goals completely. I am hoping to work as a librarian or archivist in the future due to this job.”

Memorable project: “A memorable DPG project was working on a miniature, children’s version of Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale and The Merchant of Venice – seeing two plays that are, in my opinion, extremely not-child-friendly re-written to teach children moral lessons was very interesting to look at from an English major’s point of view.”

Emily Umansky

Plans: Next year Emily will teach English to children in Rahat, Israel, as part of the Masa Israel Teaching Fellowship. Future plans include graduate school, possibly law school.

Take-away: “I have learned from my DPG experience how important it is to collaborate and communicate with your team. In DPG, we all help each other collectively produce the best quality work possible.”

Memorable experience: “Learning more about UVa’s history has been such a valuable part of my time at DPG. While I build the digital catalogs, I love getting to read through Cavalier Daily articles from 100 years ago, look at pictures of students in the 70s, handle letters written by Cabell and Minor, and gain exposure to the work of distinguished authors, historians, and scientists who have spent time on Grounds. It is fascinating to discover bits of the university’s history, and I am constantly reminded how fortunate we are to have such an extensive collection. I am glad to have been a part of its preservation, and I hope we are able to share access to UVa’s history with many others through our work!”

Congratulations again and best wishes from Digital Production Group.