The Tracy W. McGregor Library – A Successful Launch

  Digitization of the Tracy W. McGregor Library is well underway.  More than 50 volumes related to the early exploration of the New World are now available online through the University of Virginia’s digital library.   Click on the link to explore a specific title: Ptolemy, active 2nd century.  Cosmographia, 1475 Pius II, Pope, 1405-1464. […]

Volvelles in the McGregor Library

Several volumes recently scanned as part of the McGregor Foundation’s digitization grant feature volvelles. And what is a volvelle? At its simplest, a volvelle comprises multilayered discs or dials that rotate above the page. The parts of the volvelle were printed on dedicated pages so that the reader could cut, remove, and assemble them on the appropriate […]