Digital Stewardship Services

Digital Stewardship Services coordinates, curates, and sustains digital library activities, drawing on the skills and expertise of individuals throughout the library as appropriate, to vet, prioritize, and prepare digital materials for the Library Managed Content (LMC) collections. Additional information concerning the Library and digital stewardship can be found here.

  • Content Knowledge & Outreach
    • Provides a prioritization framework for current and future content intended for the LMC collection.
    • Provides a contact and coordination point for subject librarians for selections made for the LMC collection.
    • Provides technical training and documentation of library systems tools and processes.
  • Collection Support & Processing
    • Pilots new and legacy LMC collections through the appropriate workflows and ingestion processes.
    • Researches provenance of digital materials and republication requests
    • Hosts and supports selected U.Va. academic publishing activities
  • Metadata Coordination
    • Works with colleagues across the library to implement best practices for administrative, structural, and descriptive metadata requirements for LMC.
  • Preservation Partner
    • Works with Preservation Services to ensure the LMC collections are created and maintained in a sustainable way.
  • Repository Services
    • Design, implementation, and support for the services needed to manage, discover and deliver the Library’s digital collections