Equipment and Software

The Digital Production Group uses the following equipment to digitize rare books, manuscripts, photographs, maps, and other unique and fragile materials:

  • 3 Phase One P45+ digital backs attached to Hasselblad cameras firewire linked to Macintosh workstations
  • 1 Cruse Scanner (CS 285 ST-FA) linked to a PC
  • 1 Epson Expression 10000 XL large format scanner running on a Macintosh G5 workstation
  • Several smaller Epson flatbed scanners
  • Image manipulation software includes Capture One (for use with the P45+ systems), Microsoft Expressions Media, and Adobe Photoshop, which offers a full range of options for image enhancement batch manipulation of image files.
  • Images can be saved in formats which can be read by software on other platforms. The staff will assist users in transferring image files to other machines on or off Grounds via HTTP download through a special web page. In addition, the Digital Production Group can deliver image files on CD-r or DVD-r.